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Essential questions for your lakeshore broker

  1. Does your brokerage specialize in lakeshore?
    You wouldn't go to an eye doctor for back surgery. Specialization is crucial in today's real estate world. The lakeshore buyer is unique and capturing their attention requires unique marketing. Kurilla Real Estate has sold more lakeshore than any other real estate office in Central Minnesota.
  2. How long has your brokerage been selling lakeshore?
    It is critical that the brokerage marketing your property has a history and a reputation that lakeshore buyers are familiar with and know they can trust.
    Kurilla Real Estate has been specializing in lakeshore for over 50 years.
  3. What percentage of your current listings are lakeshore properties?
    Currently, 73% of my listings are lakeshore properties.
  4. Does your brokerage charge any additional fees beyond the contracted commission rate?
    Many brokerages have adopted additional revenue sources in the form of fees. These fees are given names like administration fee, transaction fee, service fee, internet fee, etc. Kurilla Real Estate is a "Full Service Brokerage". Our reputation is built on our legendary service. We provide all these services and much more and the only fee you pay is the contracted commission.
  5. Do you market your listings in the Property Source magazine?
    The Property Source magazine is the most widely distributed real estate publication in Central Minnesota and extremely popular among lakeshore buyers. I market my listings in the Property Source magazine year-round.
  6. Are you a licensed broker?
    Being a licensed sales person is the least amount of education an agent requires to sell real estate. Your transaction is far too important to leave to an agent who is only willing to get the least amount of education required. I've been licensed RealtorĀ® since 2001 and a licensed broker & owner since 2007.
  7. What marketing do you do outside of the internet?
    The internet is the most valuable resource available for marketing real estate. It's easy and inexpensive, therefore every agent in the country uses it to market their listings. Many of our lakeshore buyers come from rural communities where internet access is not readily available. We advertise our listings in local real estate publications of several rural communities in Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska to insure those potential buyers are seeing our properties.
  8. Do you use direct mailings to market your listings?
    One of the best resources for selling lakeshore are referrals from other lakeshore owners. People who live on the lake are usually proud of it and will encourage friends and family to buy property near them. We send neighborhood postcard mailings of all our new listings.
  9. Do you have a referral program with brokers in other metropolitan areas?
    Successful agents from other parts of the country are going to send their clients looking for lakeshore in Minnesota to the "Local Experts". Because we're independent, they don't have to worry about sending their best clients to a brokerage they compete with in their market. I have established a referral program with some of the most successful agents in the country. I recently represented one of the top Re/Max agents in the state on his Gull Lake purchase.
  10. Does your web site feature your listings?
    Nearly all RealtorĀ® web sites are directly linked to the NorthStar MLS system which gives visitors access to all active listings. I believe I have an obligation to my sellers to present their properties first. I feature all my listings on my homepage, insuring that visitors to the web site see my listings before moving on to the rest of the active market.