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Reputation: Impressive marketing materials are inexpensive and easy to create, reputations are not!
Since 1964 Kurilla Real Estate has been selling lakeshore in Central Minnesota. The Kurilla name and logo have become synonymous with Minnesota Lakeshore.  For generations lakeshore buyers have counted on Kurilla Real Estate to help them secure their version of the dream lakehome.

Specialization: You wouldn’t go to a Yugo dealer to buy a Cadillac?
In today’s real estate world specialization is crucial.  Finding a specific buyer takes specific marketing. Over the years we have created a marketing plan designed specifically to capture the attention of lakeshore buyers. Lakeshore transactions are unlike any other in real estate. Recognizing the many potential issues and understanding the processes for resolving them requires experience and expertise.

Legendary Service: “You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.”  
Providing unsurpassed service has been a mantra of Kurilla Real Estates since the company was founded.  We are a “Full- Service Brokerage”.  We have never, and will never ask our clients to pay additional administrative, transaction or service fees. We have always considered these services part of our job and we take great pride in doing them well.